Feis for Flame

The first few months of the new year are always tough as dancers from the Open level can choose to come back into the Intermediate level that Megan
competes in.

Competition was really tough but Meg still managed to come home with a couple of medals. She placed:-


Hornpipe – 2nd
Heavy Trophy – 6th

Class Feis

The New Season started with a class feis this year, Meg is now in the U12s.

Megan and Beth were dancing in a group of U13s who compete at Open level,
but they didn’t let phase them and both came home with a handful of medals
and trophies.

North West Oireachtas (Regional Qualifiers)

Big big day for Megan and Beth. They were asked to take part in the solo
competition of the Regional Qualifiers for the World Championships. They
took part last year as part of a team in the 8 hand, but this year they
would be dancing on their own.

It was held in Southport and made even more nerve racking for them because
it was held on the stage in Southport Theatre.

The competition was a very high standard as you would expect, but the girls
held their own and danced brilliantly, and they looked fantastic in their new

St Edwards Feis

Running two hours late, but worth the wait Megan danced brilliantly!


3rd – Reel
5th – Light Trophy
4th – Heavy Jig
2nd – Hornpipe

Both Megan and Beth did very well today, well done to you both.

Liverpool Feis

Off to Liverpool again, we’ve been to this Feis a few times now,
always very very busy.

Megan danced very well especially in her heavy dances.


7th – Light Trophy
4th – Heavy Jig
4th – Hornpipe

Well done Meg, you’re moving up the field now.

Manchester Feis

Another long day the Feis was running over an hour late when we


HC – Reel
4th – Slip Jig
7th – Heavy Trophy

Well done Meg, it’s an achievement just to be placed now you’re in

Burke Feis

Competition was tough today, but Megan still won a couple
of medals.

Megan and Beth were asked to take part in their first Premier
Competition, which is like a practice for the Championship where
dancers still in intermediate get the chance to win a trophy, sash
and TEDDY BEAR and collect them on a podium. Quite an experience.


12th – Reel
11th – Hornpipe

Jackson Feis

We went to Pudsey, Leeds today. Megan wore her new dress for the first
time today and looked absolutely stunning.

Megan won another handful of medals.


5th – Hornpipe

10th – Reel
8th – Hop Jig
8th – Light Jig
8th – Slip Jig
11th – Light Trophy
8th – Heavy Jig
7th – Heavy Trophy

Well done Meg!

Glendarragh Feis

We travelled with Ruth and Beth to Derby today to take part in the Glendarragh

We’re not experts on Irish Dancing regulations, but have attended quite a few
competitions now and this one completely baffled us. Dancers were able to
wear solo dresses and make-up in Novice, Primary and Intermediate grades.
They were also allowed to dance in both Primary and Intermediate Trophies
in the same age group. This feis was under the Midlands Feis Rules which
appear to be completely different to the North West Regional Rules Megan
normally competes under.

The important lesson learned was that she will not be competing out of the
North West Regional Feis until she has reached the Open grade.

Megan did achieve a 6th in the Intermediate Slip Jig, which taking everything
in to account was amazing, well done Meg. And we did have a lovely time on
the way home, stopping off in Buxton for tea, thanks Beth and Ruth.

Blackburn Feis

Off to the Shadsworth Leisure Centre today, a very nice venue. They had three age groups dancing simultaneously, but still managed to run late……nothing new there then!

Megan is now beginning to get placed more regularly in the higher Intermediate level.
She did really well today.


7th – Light Trophy
5th – Heavy Jig
8th – Heavy Trophy

Megan, with Lottie and Beth. Well done girls.